Copywriting Step by Step that Anyone Can Do

I thought it was nothing more than a bunch of marketing double-speak!

I know you have seen the on-line ad copy.

It says something like, “I sent one email and made $3,862 and I can show you how!”

Whenever I see an ad like this I just roll my eyes. There is no way something like this is real! It has to be marketing double-speak (which really translates as a lie).

Then it happened to me . . .

My New Teleclass
Two years ago I was working on my first teleclass. I was ready to launch it to the world.

To be honest I was a little scared. It was the first time I was going to be selling a high-ticket item to this particular list. I had no idea how they were going to respond.

Were they going to love it?


Were they going to be offended because I was selling them something that cost so much?

I was about to expose myself to judgment. I was going to turn to my mailing list and say, “Hey look at me! I have something for sale.” In my mind I felt like I was giving my readers an excuse to judge my value as an information provider and what was worse, judge me.

I spent about three hours writing the sales pitch. I really wanted to make sure I had the content right.

I held my breath as I was about to send the e-mail to my list.

I hit the send key.

And something strange happened . . . I didn’t die of a heart attack right on the spot.

But I still couldn’t stand it. I was afraid my in-box was going to blow up with “Un-subscribe me now” messages. So I went for a walk.

I returned home 40 minutes later, expecting to find my mailing list would be half the size it was just minutes earlier.

Instead of unsubscribes, I found 2 sales.

Within the first 24 hours I had made $2,584 in sales. Three days later I sent a reminder email to my list about the new class and made $1,292 more.

That is $3,876 from one e-mail.

I know you are skeptical.

I hope you are skeptical.

I want you to question claims like that, but before you dismiss the idea, I want you to hear the full story so you know the truth.

It might not be this easy, but it is much easier than it looks!
When you read a headline like “I sent one email and made $3,862!” you are led to believe that all you need to do is hit the send key and money will start pouring in.

That is like saying, “I just turned on the oven and baked a perfect cake!”

It is true, all you need to do is turn the oven on to bake a great cake, but there is work that needs to happen before you can do the simple baking step.

Sending e-mails (or ads or postcards or flyers) to your customers is a very important step, but it is just the last step.

It’s the words that matter!
You don’t make sales just by making a really great product.

You don’t make sales just by telling people you have a great product.

You make sales by showing people how they can make their lives better and that they can do it with your product.

That’s where the words come in.

That is how you explain yourself to your customers.

I can teach you to come up with the words
For most people, writing ad copy is a scary thing. You don’t want to look like a slimy salesman, but you also want to tell people about your great products and services.

But it is not as hard as it looks.

There is really a simple formula for writing compelling copy.

Really, it is like painting by numbers. You just need to plug in the pieces.

That is why I created “Copywriting Step by Step that Anyone Can Do”. This is a simple system that breaks-down every piece of sales copy you write no matter how short (a business card) or how long (a 3,000 word sales letter) into very simple steps.

You don’t have to write everything at once. You just take each little piece one at a time and insert the information you already know about your products and services.

The best part? You do this in your own words so it doesn’t sound like a high-pressure sales pitch, but instead it sounds like you.

Not only am I going to teach you, I am going to show you
It would be one thing to teach you the basic concepts of how to write good copy. And I know you would get a lot of out this, but I believe it is also important that you see how these concepts work in the real world. Therefore, when you buy “Copywriting Step by Step that Anyone Can Do” you will get:

Audio: “How to write good copy step by step”
In this audio I teach you:

  • The formula that I use for every piece of copy that I use (even the piece you are reading right now).
  • The most read piece of copy and how this knowledge can be put to your advantage.
  • The one item that most people are to afraid to put into copy, but which is the most important.
  • The most common misconception about the headline of ad copy.
  • The one piece of advice that I received from a copy-writing guru that tripled my response volume and it only takes the time it takes to hit the send key.
  • The truth about why your clients want to buy stuff (and buy stuff from you).
  • The best way to layout copy so it is readable.

Sales Copy Short and Audio: “Selling a Single Product”
In this audio I will take you step-by-step into how I wrote a piece of copy for another EFT practitioner for her new “how to EFT” product. Not only do I walk you through the copy explaining the choice I made, I give you the copy itself you so can see the words on the page and follow along.

Sales Copy Long and Audio: “Selling a Teleclass”
In this audio I will take you step-by-step through the piece of sales copy I talked about above that sold $3,876 in registrations. Again, not only will I explain the choices I made, I am going to give you the copy so you can see exactly how I did things.

Sales Copy Middle and Audio: “Selling a Bundle Product”
In this audio I will take you step-by-step through a piece of copy that was read by less than 120 people and generated more than $300 in sales the first time it was sent. Again, not only will I explain the choices I made, I am going to give you the copy so you can see exactly how I did things.

BONUS: As a bonus, you get an added chance to learn
Writing compelling copy is a skill. It is something that you are going to get better at with time. Every piece of copy you write is going to be better than the last, but I want to help accelerate your learning process.

Learning about how to write copy is good. (That is why there is audio #1).

Seeing actually successful copy is better. (That is why there are audios #2, #3, and #4).

It would be even better if you had a chance to implement what you have learned – therefore I have a very special bonus offer for those who buy “Copywriting Step-by-Step that Anyone Can Do”.

As a special bonus I will evaluate one piece of copy that you have written. It will help your learning process by pointing out the things you have done well as well as provide suggestions to make the copy even more compelling. (Normally, I charge $100 just for this service, which is more than the price of the whole package).

And this bonus offer doesn’t expire. I want you to take your time with the audios. Listen to them a number of times. Spend time studying copy that already sells. Once you have done this, write your own copy (or rewrite an old piece of copy).

Whenever you are ready, I will be waiting to review your copy.

Normally you would pay more than $500 (sometimes 5 times that amount) to have a professional copywriter do one piece of ad copy for you. With this audio set you will learn the secrets behind writing compelling ad copy so you can successfully write your own time and again.

I guarantee this product will super-charge your ability to write copy. After listening to the audios and going step by step through these files, if you don’t feel you can now do this, just let me know and I will refund the purchase price.

Do it today!
All four audios (almost 2 hours) + the pieces of copy that you will be walked through step by step + a one-on-one consultation with me to tighten-up a piece of your own copy for only $97 (cheaper than the price of the consultation alone)

But There Is More
The first time I did the program I found out some really interesting things. The people I was working with one-on-one were really resistant to some of the feedback I had about their copy.

It wasn’t because they didn’t like my feedback. It was because they were uncomfortable selling themselves and selling their product.

I had one person say, “I know what you teach works, that is why I bought this, but it is so hard for me to do.”

You Know Why This Happens
As a tapping practitioner you know all the reasons why people don’t do the things they need to do to improve themselves.

We are no different. So I have a special deal just for tapping practitioners.

In addition to the audios, the copy samples, and the consultation you can also add one or three one-on-one tapping sessions with me around being confident in marketing the skills that you have that the world needs.

I normally charge $175 a session, but with this package you can get one session for only $125 more (28% off) or three sessions for only $400 more (25% off).

Copywriting Step by Step

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Copywriting Step by Step PLUS one session

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Copywriting Step by Step PLUS three sessions

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PS: You have great products and services to offer your clients. These products and services will make your client’s lives better. But they won’t do your clients any good if they don’t know about them. Do your clients a favor. Learn how to communicate the awesome benefits of your products and services.

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