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Over the last few months I have been working with more and more clients on how to build and maintain a thriving practice.

We have done work on limiting beliefs about finding enough work, being good enough, and what others are going to think.

We have talked about advanced techniques and how to accelerate clients’ progress.

I love all that stuff, but people are finally asking the right questions.

They are starting to ask the questions about how to run a business.

It is more than just helping people – it’s a business
It doesn’t do you (or the world) any good if you can’t find a way to make a living at helping people. When you are able to make a living at helping people then you can commit your whole self to doing a better job and being available to more people.

I love big-hearted people. I love people who want to change the world. I love people who are committed to the growth of others.

Helping people to recognize their issues and helping them to heal through them is a powerful and noble task, but we have to do more.

It is all about the systems
It has taken me a number of years to figure this out, but I finally have a system for every part of my business. This includes creating content for the website and podcast, maintaining my newsletter, my marketing efforts, and how I work with clients.

There are a number of reasons to have everything systematized:

  • You don’t miss details.
  • Everything is done when it needs to be done.
  • Every action you take is for a specific reason, building to something bigger.
  • You group similar tasks so it takes less time.
  • You know what you need to do.
  • You know when everything is done and you can relax.
  • Before you go to bed you know what tomorrow is going to hold.
  • It creates space for you to dream up new plans.
  • AND you can add these new ideas to already existing systems, making it easy to implement and grow these new ideas.

I want to teach you how I run my business.
At the same time, I want to be very clear up front:

My systems are not necessarily the best systems.

My systems are not the only systems.

My systems work for me.

They have been built as a result of trail and error (and I mean lots of error). I have also begged, borrowed, and stolen form every source I could image.

I want to share this with you so that as you are starting or growing your business it is easy for you to run the business side so you are spending more time helping people.

6 Lessons
There are six lessons in the class. I teach you:

  • Class 1: How I create content for my web site and develop my publication schedule (AKA: How I build and maintain my reputation).
  • Class 2: How I manage client intake and follow-up.
  • Class 3: How I create audio products/podcasts/recorded calls.
  • Class 4: How I maintain my newsletter.
  • Class 5: How I manage all my projects, tasks, and to-dos with a free web tool.
  • Class 6: How I develop and maintain my marketing plan.

The 6 lessons are taught in 16 audios and 17 videos. The 17 videos are screen-captures of my computer desktop so you can see exactly what I do with each part of my business.

And, I am not holding anything back. I show you every file, webpage, and program I use. For the files that contain confidential client information I have created dummy files so you see the form and content.

[For a full list of audio and video content see below]

Don’t Take My Word For It
Here is what some of the practitioners who have done this class have to say.

Gene Monterastelli’s business class series is an incredible bargain; the pods cover absolutely everything you’ll need to know. They’re comprehensive, presented in a friendly, easy to understand method, and best of all, he’s tested each component for you in his own practice. It’s an A-Plus, and time well-spent.
Brava, Gene!

– J.K.W., NYC

Gene’s Business Systems Class is exceptional. The materials are well organized and contain visuals as well as audios which I found to be extremely helpful in understanding some of the topics covered. Very grass-roots and do-able! I learned so much. Thank you Gene!

Gene is an excellent teacher. The Business Systems class was exactly what I needed to take my EFT web business to the next level. Gene is a pro at what he does and it all seems to come super easy for him. But he was still great at slowing it all down and showing us even the most complex processes in a visual way that made it easy to do myself. I’m continuing to implement things I learned from Gene in this great course. I’m sure it will continue to help me do a better job of communicating with my readers succeeding at creating an online business.
Natalie Hill

Hi Gene,
I thought your business systems class was really useful and informative. I appreciate the generosity with which you shared all the nuts and bolts, regarding taking care of one’s business, even down to small details. I felt your class structure was well-organized. Having personally not done a lot of marketing, I thought you made many of these subjects feel accessible even for someone just getting started in the world of marketing and self-promotion. I would definitely consider other classes with you in the future. Thanks so much,
Alissa, NYC

Gene is a great teacher. He offers practical tools and systems to implement right away. Gene is so generous with his sharing and demonstrating what works in his practice. This class is great for people just starting off their business and for seasoned practitioners who want to improve their organization.
Shakti Martin
EFT-Cert. 1
Integrated Energy Balancing

Private Coaching
I love doing this type of work. Some of my favorite client experiences have been helping people grow their businesses. If you were to work with me one-on-one it would cost you $870 just to get this information. This is before you asked a single question. That would be just to get this information.

Through this system I am offering you the same information for more than 65% off that price.

You get all the audios and videos (which you can replay again and again) for only $299.

But that’s not all.

I have three bonuses to sweeten the deal:

30 minute one-on-one sessions.
Whenever you are ready I will personally answer your questions about these systems. Are you stuck on a certain concept or idea? Would you like feedback on how you are implementing one of the steps? Or do you just have a list of questions? Let me know. I will answer any and all of your questions. ($72 value)

6 hours of Q and A with past students – audio
In the past I have taught this as a class. After each lesson I did a 60 – 90 minute question and answer session with the students. In each session I walk bit-by-bit through each part of the audios and videos, adding extra information as we go along. I also answer questions from students just like you. This will give you a new perspective on each of the topics. ($49 value)

How to use Google forms – Video
I use Google forms to do my client intake, class evaluation, and reader surveys. It is a great free tool. In this video I show you how I created the feedback form for one of my teleclasses. (value $14)

That is $135 in bonus material!

Money Back Guarantee
Like I said above, this isn’t just about helping people, but it’s also about running a successful business. I don’t want you to be wasting your money on products that aren’t helping you grow your business. If you don’t think this class will transform the way you do business I am offering an iron clad 30 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

Act Now!
You owe it to all the people you could be helping right now and more importantly you owe it to yourself. You deserve to do the work you love, help people to grow and transform, and do it in a way that you are able to support yourself and your dreams.

What are you waiting for?

Do it now!

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* * * Complete Class Content * * *

Class 1: How I create content for my web site and develop my publication schedule (how I build and maintain my reputation)

  • Audio intro
  • Audio 1 – The Story and Philosophy of My Site
  • Audio 2 – Having a Plan and Types of Content
  • Video 3 – Publication Schedule
  • Audio 4 – Coming Up With Topics
  • Video 5 – Publication Online
  • Audio 6 – Growth and Planning

Class 2: How I manage client intake and follow-up

  • Audio 1 – How I Communicate with Clients (Current and Future)
  • Video 2 – Price Sheet and Canned Responses
  • Video 3 – Online Scheduling
  • Audio 4 – Pre-Audio
  • My Current Pre-Session Audio
  • Video 5 – Intake Form
  • Video 6 – Paypal
  • Audio 7 – After-Session Follow-Up
  • First Session Follow-Up pdf
  • Video 8 – Tracking Sessions

Class 3: How I create audio products/podcasts/recorded calls

  • Audio 1 – Intro
  • Video 2 – Recording Calls
  • Video 3 – How to Use Audacity
  • Audio 4 – How to Do Interviews
  • Audio 5 – Content for Audios

Class 4: How I maintain my newsletter

  • Audio 1 – Philosophy/Basics
  • Audio 2 – Publication Schedule
  • Video 3 – Content
  • Video 4 – Aweber
  • Video 5 – Text and html Newsletters

Class 5: How I manage all my projects, tasks, and to-do’s with a free web site

  • Audio 1 – Philosophy/Basics
  • Video 2 – Toodledo Basics
  • Video 3 – My Toodledo
  • Audio 4 – How To Start Your Organizing Your Time

Class 6: Developing a marketing plan

  • Audio 1 – Introduction
  • Video 2 – Audience
  • Video 3 – Tactics
  • Video 4 – Audience v Tactics
  • Audio 5 – Planning

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