The 10 Steps To Getting Out Of Your Own Way To Get What You Want

We have all done it before. Sat down at the beginning of the year or after a conference of some type to craft a list of how our life is going to change.

We come up with grand plans. Some are short-term while others are long-term.

We have new tools and a new outlook.

We can see how our relationships, financial status, and health are going to change.

We feel great.

The future is looking bright.

And then four days later we are back to our old ways.

Three weeks later we don’t even know where our goal list is.

Six months later we are cleaning up our desk and find the list and get frustrated that our life hasn’t changed.

Goal Lists Are Not The Problem, YOU Are!

That might sound a little harsh, but really it is a good thing. I promise.

Let me explain . . .

There is a part of our system that has one goal and one goal only: To keep us safe.

This is really a great thing. Because of this subconscious part we stay alerted to possible dangers we face every moment of the day. However, this does become problematic when it starts working hard to protect us from things that aren’t real dangers.

Public speaking is a perfect example of this. One of deepest fears people feel is to speak in public, but intellectually we know it is not dangerous. We know we are not going to die. We talk to people all the time, but for some reason there is a part of us that prevents us from doing it.

Our system is just trying to keep us safe. The problem is that it is keeping us from dangers that aren’t real.

Your System Thinks Your Goals Are Dangerous

On the surface that statement seems very silly. But let’s think this through. Let’s take becoming wealthier as our goal.

This is a great goal. If we were wealthier we wouldn’t have to worry about our bills, we could do what we wanted when we wanted with whomever we wanted, and we could share our wealth to help others.

All of this sounds great, but our whole mind-body (neurological and energy)-spirit isn’t on board.

I want you to think about every wealthy person you have seen on TV and the movies, or all the wealthy people you have read about in books. With the exception of Daddy Warbucks from Annie (and a few others) there are no wealthy people in stories who are good people.

The wealthy are always greedy, mean, and selfish. This makes for a great story because we love the plucky underdog working against the wealthy. But because we have heard this story our entire lives there is a part of our system that believes this to be true.

When we decide to become wealthier the part of us that wants to be safe springs to our rescue. It says, “You don’t want to become wealthy, because wealthy people are mean, greedy, and they hurt others. You don’t want that.”

This is the reason we procrastinate.

We don’t procrastinate because we are lazy. We don’t procrastinate because we can’t do it. We procrastinate because our whole system thinks it is keeping us safe without seeing the long-range view or even seeing what is true.

You Can’t Think Your Way Out Of This

The problem with this is we can’t talk our system out of its beliefs. If we could talk ourselves out of these beliefs then we could actually do all of those things that we know we can do, but just never get around to doing.

If we could talk ourselves out of these limiting beliefs then I could walk on stage after thinking, “They are not really going to laugh you off the stage,” or I could simply think, “I am not going to die if she says ‘No’ when I ask her out” and make the call.

But we can’t do that. These beliefs are rooted deep.

But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be uprooted and changed.

Name The Goals! Name The Fears! Knock Them Out!

I have been working with clients for years in the areas of procrastination and not being able to achieve the goals they want. With the exception of weight release it is what clients come to me for the most. (And to be honest weight release problems in most situations are no different than not reaching your other goals.)

To that end I have created “The 10 Steps To Getting Out Of Your Own Way To Get What You Want.”

Each of the steps has three parts.

First, we name and refine some part of the goal we want. The more specific the goal, the more likely we are going to achieve it. It is one thing to say that

I am going to be wealthy

while it is completely different to say

that I am going to have enough money so that I never have to worry about my bills again, that I can travel when I want, and be able to help others reach their goals as well.

The more we know about the goal the easier it is to find our way to the place we want to be.

Second, we name all the emotions, fears, and limiting beliefs that are preventing us from reaching each part of our goal. Because these beliefs live in our subconscious we aren’t always aware of what they are. We only know that we are procrastinating.

In this system we are able to dig deep into the subconscious and find all the things that are stopping us.

Third, in a step-by-step progression we knock out these erroneous limiting belief. Like I said before, we can’t just think our way out of these beliefs. But by being very systematic in naming each one there are ways we can take them out one at a time in a quick and easy way.

What Is In The 10 Step System

The 10 step system consists of over 4 hours of audios which will teach you:

  • How and why we create limiting beliefs, and how to break your goals down in a way to find every fear and limiting belief that is lurking in your subconscious.
  • Tools to knock these limiting beliefs out anytime, anywhere. (THIS IS KEY: Not only will this tool set help you when you are sitting at home working through your goal list, but when any fear or limiting belief pops up to minin any situation you will be able to knock it out.)
  • How to recognize when limiting beliefs are stopping you (because sometimes we don’t even see it)
  • In addition to the over five hours in instruction you will also receive a digital workbook that will take you through the ten steps. Because you can use this system for any goal you have, when it is time to go after your next goal you will be able to print out a new copy of the workbook that will easily walk you through the steps.

More Tools To Help You Achieve Your Goals

I want you to be successful. I want to you achieve your goals. In working with clients I have seen a number of very common reasons that we (and I use “we” because I do it too) self-sabotage ourselves. To that end I am adding four audio bonuses that you can use to knock-out these common beliefs and fears:

Resistance To Change: If there weren’t resistance to change we would have already changed. Sometimes this resistance has nothing to do with the specific change, but about change in general. When we change we have to react in different ways, we face new challenges, and people see us differently. Sure our lives might not be perfect, but I know what to expect with how things are right now. Change might bring new obstacles that are unpredictable and harder. This audio will make you more comfortable with change. ($13.77 value)

Being Open To The Process: It can be scary to think that we are going to uncover the limiting beliefs and fears that we have. It is kind of like facing what is under the bed. We know it is dirty, but if we don’t look at it then we don’t have to know how dirty it really is. Any journey of self-discovery can be scary. This audio will help you to know that it is safe and good to do this investigation and work. ($13.77 value)

Believing You Are Worthy of Better: Almost daily I talk to clients who don’t believe they are worthy of a better life. They believe they have more than their share, that they have squandered what they have been given, or that they just aren’t worthy of better. If you don’t think you are worthy of better you are never going to get better. This audio helps you recognize your worthiness ($13.77 value)

Permission To Be Easy With Yourself: We are our own worst critics. We are harder on ourselves than anyone else ever could be. It is good that we want better, but we can be really destructive when we go after ourselves. In this process of transformation it is important that we are easy with ourselves. This doesn’t mean that we are slacking-off and not trying, but that we are looking at ourselves with love and care. In this spirit of love and care we will be able to move forward faster. ($13.77 value)

In addition to the $55.08 in free audios I have one other gift for you.

When we are doing change work of any sort sometimes we are just too close to ourselves to see what is going on. I know this is true for myself. That is why sometimes we need outside help (I know I do). In addition to the free audios I want you to have $40 off a one-on-one phone session with me.

Not only will you get the chance to knock out many limiting beliefs and fears, but you will also leave the session with many more things that you will be able to work-on on your own from an outside perspective.

That is over $95 in bonuses.

Or You Could Work With Someone One-on-One

When I do this process with clients it is normally done over six-to-ten sessions depending on the “size” of the desired change. At this point in my practice that is between $690 and $1150 in fees.

But you can have the full system (that you can listen to again and again) for only $97

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Totally Guaranteed

I love this system. I use the steps all the time. I used it when I re-organized my office. I am using it right now as I am working on my largest product launch ever.

(Don’t tell my friends this!) I use this system when I am talking to my friends. They think I am giving them the best advice in the world and I am just working them through this system and they don’t even know it.

I believe in this system so much that I want you to spend three months with the system. If it is not helping you to knock out your limiting beliefs and vaulting you towards your goal I want you to have all your money back.

All you need to do is send me an e-mail saying, “I tried it and it didn’t work for me.” No questions asked I will give you a full refund!

AND you can keep all five bonuses (even the discount off of the sessions).

These steps have vaulted my clients and myself towards our goals. I know it will work for you.

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