Using NLP to Supercharge Your EFT/Tapping

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a very powerful tool to help you to understand where you are standing and to help you to make choices to transform your life. NLP and EFT/tapping are a match made in heaven. More than likely you are already using NLP techniques and don’t even know it.

In this 4-part audio series I walk you through 4 NLP concepts that you can add to your tapping right away. These are some of my favorite tools which I use daily for myself and with my clients.

[Note:This audio series was first featured in the “Tapping Insiders Club” which is a true wealth of tapping instruction. Details here…]

Part 1 – 10 Questions to Discover Your Personal Path to Success (37m 52s)

Description: There are two main obstacles to achieving any major goal in our lives. The first is coming to a clear understanding of what we want, why we want it, and how it will transform our lives. Without this clear vision it is difficult to know what is the best course of action to take. The second obstacle consists of limiting beliefs and emotional charges around the transformation and taking the steps needed achieve our goals. Often times we can see the right path to take, but for some reason there is a part of us that prevents us from acting. In this audio we look at 10 questions created from the NLP intake process that will help you to craft a clear path to success as well as identify and eliminate the emotional blocks that prevent success.

Part 2 – Sub-modalities: Using All Your Senses While Tapping (27m 51s)

Description: Every moment of the day we are taking in information through all 5 of our senses. When we come to a clear understanding of how each of our 5 senses effect the way we experience the world and which sense dominates (because it is different for each person) we can use this information to move quickly to the roots of our issues. In this audio we explore the five sensory sub-modalities and how we can use them to speed the healing process while tapping.

Part 3 – Logical Levels: Making Change Last, by Changing on Multiple Levels (23m 53s)

Description: When we are transforming our lives change happens in many different ways. We make simple changes and small choices throughout our day, all in the hopes of making profound changes in the way we see and define ourselves. When we recognize all of the different levels we can make changes on it gives us many more opportunities for healing and growth. In this audio we will look at each of the levels on which we can see transformation and how making changes on one level can accelerate transformation on another.

Part 4 – Meta Models: Change Your Words, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life. (27m 47s)

Description: The words we use are very powerful. Not only do they define the way we see the world, but they also define the way we see ourselves. Often times we talk in overstatements and over-simplifications (e.g., “Everyone at work hates me,” “Nothing good ever happens to me,” or “I am never going to learn this”). When we talk in this way we limit our ability to grow and succeed. Often when we are able to identify the ways we exaggerate and over-simplify we can find our way to discovering our limiting beliefs. In this audio we will look at many different ways that we misspeak (in NLP called Meta Models) and how we can use this information to accelerate our healing and growth.

Here are a few past comments on Gene’s teaching of NLP for tapping:

“I was taking notes but couldn’t get it down fast enough. That was one super-loaded-with-info hour. I loved it! What Gene said was most helpful to a few issues I’ve been working on, tapping away at, for months and not making any obvious headway. Well, already I can see a difference, in just over 24 hours.”

“Thanks so much for yesterday’s teleclass. So interesting, because it outlined points that I keep making in my work with people in studying crisis. They’re often catastrophising the situation in all the ways Gene outlined. I wasn’t aware that all these logical flaws had been so carefully documented, so that was very helpful. I also thought Gene was so clear and packed the hour with so much information.”

“Wow . . . that was an amazing call! I always learn something when I listen to you.”

Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) is a very powerful tool which can be used for understanding how the language we use molds and models the thoughts we have. When this is combined with EFT it is a very useful tool for helping us to find aspects and core issues.

In this teleclass Gene explains how to use these simple NLP concepts to supercharge EFT’s power. Many times when we describe situations in our lives we don’t do it accurately. We speak in sweeping terms, generalizations, and inaccurate relationships (called meta-models). NLP helps us to identify these fallacies in our thinking, making it easy for us to find core issues and aspects to tap on. This teleclass contains the most common meta-models and how to use them to get faster results with EFT.

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